Creative Direction: Vic Rojo
Design & Illustration: Vic Rojo
Production: The Food Agency
︎Buenos Aires, ARG.

A market, with carefully selected products.

Abi’s purpose is to make the life of their consumer’s easier and better.
With the tagline, “Tell me what you need, I’ll tell you what you want” Abi encourage people to share their preferences through a digital form, that will be the base to a recommended list of amazing products carefully selected for each customer. 

The logo is inspired in school letter cubes, stacked one over the other.
To convey simplicity and playfulness. 
A friendly character with the shape of a supermarket Tag, appears time to time next to the logo, as an inviting friend that helps you to choose what you need. 

The broad color palette reflects diversity of tastes, preferences and personalities. Enhancing the relaxed and joyful personality of the brand.