Diseño & Illustration: Vic Rojo
Creative Direction: Santi Pato, Vic Rojo
Vermouth Recipe: Rodri Castillo
︎BA / CBA, ARG.

This adorable vermucito is made with malbec and torrontés, 25 botanicals from Argentina, fortified with gin (also produced by ourselves) and a touch of specialty coffee.

Vermouth Context in Argentina.
We love vermouth so we decided to launch our own brand. This type of drink is full of options in Argentina and the world: there are a lot of brands that focus their brand statement in the Spanish or Italian vermouth culture of our ancestors. We wanted to find a different concept, more related to a modern and Argentinian way to connect with vermouth.

The Concept.
Our challenge was finding a name that raises attention of the consumers and feels Local.
In Argentina, we call “guarangos” to those considered bad-spoken. And taking in consideration that when we drink among friends we relax and become a bit bad-spoken, we created this conceptual vermouth. We call it “El Guarango, a vermouth that brings you some kind of knowledge.”
In the neck of every bottle the consumer will find and learn a new “guarangada” every time. Meaning, a definition of the modern Argentinian slang.
Also, regarding packaging development, we designed 6 small labels that are on the side of the bottles. Each label has a vermouth cocktail recipe. In Argentina vermouth is a classic drink, but most of the people think the only way to prepare it is with sparkling water. We invite our consumers to try new ways to drink their vermouth, while learning “guarangadas” among friends.